We’re a collaborative mental health awareness zine that showcases artists from across the globe. Starting as a small campus-based zine, I Don’t Want To Go Insane has grown into an international publication with artists from as far as Russia, Italy, and USA (to name a few). Our zines have been displayed in exhibitions across the world, from local UK libraries to Rotterdam Zine Fest.

We chose the form of a zine because we wanted it to come to the reader, rather than the reader having to go looking for it. We wanted to reach people who may otherwise not be reached. By opening a conversation about mental health, we aim to create a safe space and help to break down the stigma. While also promoting upcoming, and well-established, artists. We are passionate about all things mental health and are striving to be as inclusive and representative as possible. Join us!

Coming into 2021, we have workshops planned both online and face-to-face. As well as special edition issues including POC and LGBTQ+.